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Vanco's commercial property protection services include a complete array of measures designed to keep your buildings, grounds and secured items safe and secure. With distinguished law enforcement and private security backgrounds, our highly competent property security professionals are equipped to monitor, detect and neutralize potential threats with discretion and efficiency. Our team is capable of managing security for properties of virtually any size and layout for fixed or indefinite terms, including:

  • Class A commercial buildings and corporate headquarters
  • Multi-tenant office parks
  • Manufacturing facilities of all sizes
  • Storage facilities and warehouses
  • Vacant land and construction sites

Our commercial property security specialists handle every aspect of security provision, including:

  • After-hours patrols and perimeter security
  • Gate security and entry checkpoints
  • Heightened security for events and official visits
  • Escort and emergency response services (internal and external)

Upon accepting an assignment, our team thoroughly assesses the security needs and vulnerabilities of the property in question. Based on our findings we create a comprehensive, flexible security plan that can be adjusted in response to new threats orconcerns. As assignments develop, we regularly reassess our clients' needs and the security situation as a whole to maintain the quality and responsiveness of our protection.

In addition, Vanco's highly experienced professionals provide consulting services, including security planning and staff training, for commercial clients. After all, no detail is too small to leave to chance.

We deliver what you expect.

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