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Vanco specializes in comprehensive, customized personal protection services that provide discreet, round-the-clock peace of mind for executives, public figures, VIPs, prominent families, private citizens under duress and other individuals who require bodyguard protection. Our highly experienced team of former law enforcement officials and threat detection specialists maintains constant vigilance while exercising the utmost discretion. We tailor our services to the needs of each client, providing individual bodyguards, full security details and special escorts as the need arises.

Flexible Bodyguard Services in All Circumstances

With years of personal protection experience, Vanco's security professionals thoroughly understand the unique pressures their clients face. Our bodyguards adjust their security plans in real time to address elevated threats, last-minute schedule changes, high-profile public appearances and travel plans without compromising the security or comfort of their charges. Their flexibility, professionalism and attention to detail ensure that Vanco clients have complete freedom to travel and conduct business as usual.

Dignity, Respect and Constant Vigilance

Regardless of the circumstances, Vanco is committed to treating each of our clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Our intelligent, highly professional bodyguards understand the unique needs of their charges and are fully briefed on any special requirements before beginning an assignment. Our clients can rest assured that they will not be asked to forgo any normal activities or routines while they retain our services.

With training in life-saving measures like CPR, strict confidentiality agreements and the ability to use lethal and non-lethal force without hesitation, Vanco bodyguards represent the gold standard for personal protection.

We deliver what you expect.

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